Great ideas you never had time to realize?
Projects where you can only achieve something together?

brAIn-cloud AI GmbH offers an artificially intelligent solution to match and connect people with similar ideas.
With brAIn-cloud, we create AI-based networks to establish collaboration or business relationships.
Unleash the potential of your brainpower and use synergies efficiently!

With its intelligent textual analysis,
let our AI software show you…

… who is the perfect partner for innovative ideas or projects
… who in your organization is working on which topics
… which contacts are promising and valuable

You have a good idea you never had time for? You would like to contribute something, but your daily work routine does not allow you the space to develop your idea alone?Upload the idea to our brAIn-cloud! We collect different ideas within your own organization over a certain period of time.With an intelligent topic modeling approach, we evaluate all ideas in your organization. We find among your colleagues those who are involved in similar things and who fit your idea. All you have to do is wait.We network you with those people with whom you can finally work together on your idea and develop it. We believe that you can create the best together!

How it works…

An idea – regardless of whether it is a business idea or an approach to process optimization – typically concerns multiple topics in different proportions. The “topics” generated by topic modeling techniques are clusters of words with similar meanings. Machine learning models can capture this intuition in a mathematical framework. This allows us to analyze a set of different ideas and, based on the statistics of the words in each idea, discover the topics they contain. Just like a dating agency, our AI tool will find suitable partners for your ideas within your company or institution over time. We can handle huge amounts of data. In this way, you can finally make room for the brilliant ideas that have remained undeveloped.

Collaborate & Innovate

Your data are safe!

Data protection is essential to us. We rely on AWS Lightsail to process and host your data.
The servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany.

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